When you purchased WorkPace, the registration key that you were issued with will work forever (on supported operating systems) on the version of WorkPace that was available at that time, and any version released within the following 6 months.  You should always keep a copy of the WorkPace installer that you downloaded at the time of purchase, so that you are able to re-install that version of WorkPace again using the same registration key.

Our website normally maintains links to download the latest version of WorkPace, as well as the previous released version.  There are also links on our website that allow you to upgrade your old WorkPace registration key (at a discount price) to a registration key that will support the latest WorkPace download.

If you wish to download an archived version of WorkPace that is not available from our standard links, please provide us with your WorkPace Registration Name and Registration Key and we will attempt to provide you with a link to the version of WorkPace that will work with your key.  Please note that older versions of WorkPace may not be tested on your current operating system and are therefore not supported.