How often does WorkPace connect to the Wellnomics server?

Modified on Tue, 30 May 2017 at 08:57 AM

If WorkPace has been configured to synchronize its data and settings with Wellnomics Risk Management, it needs to connect to that server on a regular basis.

The first time that the user runs WorkPace, the application must connect to the server to retrieve their start-up settings.  At this time WorkPace will generate a random time in a 24-hour period.  This will be the time that WorkPace will attempt to synchronize with the server each day, plus or minus a random stagger period of up to of 1 hour.  This initial start-up synchronization takes approx. 20 - 30 seconds and generates approx. 35 KB of network traffic.

At its appointed time during the day WorkPace will synchronize data and settings with the Wellnomics server.  This involves UPLOADING any changes to the Daily Activity Data in WorkPace and DOWNLOADING any changes to the users Settings Policy on the Wellnomics server.  The daily synchronization takes approx. 20 - 30 seconds and generates approx 80 KB of network traffic.  If WorkPace is unable to synchronize with the Wellnomics server when it attempts to connect, it will automatically retry to synchronize once every hour until the synchronization is successful.

By default, WorkPace will also attempt to send the latest Daily Activity Data to the Wellnomics server when the user exits WorkPace.  This will occur automatically when the user logs out of Windows or shuts down their PC.  Please note that this is not a full WorkPace synchronization (as this could cause delays to the user's log off / shutdown process) but simply a one-way data transmission that occurs as WorkPace shuts down.

After the initial synchronization of start-up settings, WorkPace is designed to cope with long periods of time during which it may not be able to connect with the Wellnomics server. Failed connection attempts are logged internally, but the user does not experience any pop-up errors or messages. WorkPace always keeps a local compressed copy of the user's Daily Activity Data.  This local data file only grows at a rate of approx. 50 KB per year, and will send any missing data to the server the next time it is able to successfully synchronize.  

The synchronization process is designed to handle period of high server load.  In the rare situation where many users may have many large backlogs of Daily Activity Data stored in WorkPace that needs to be sent to the Wellnomics server, WorkPace will send the data in daily "chunks", as the server is able to receive it.  WorkPace will then send the remaining chunks when it is next able to connect.

When WorkPace starts up after the user has either restarted their PC or logged off and then back on again, WorkPace will only attempt to synchronize with the server if it failed to do so during its last daily synchronization attempt.

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