This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the Wellnomics Risk Management IT Administration Guide.

While the IT Administration Guide provides information about the Software Components, System Requirements, and

Installation (and Upgrade) instructions for the Wellnomics Risk Management software, those instructions are written

to support our standard product installation scripts and installer applications. These scripts and applications are

designed to connect to the Wellnomics database (on a Microsoft SQL Server) using SQL Server Authentication.

This guide replaces those installation instructions, and contains the necessary steps to manually deploy (install with

running any installation scripts or installer applications) the software for your organization.

You will still need to refer to the following chapters of the Wellnomics Risk Management IT Administration Guide, to

obtain the full picture of the complete installation:

  • About this Guide
  • Software Components
  • System Requirements
  • Post Installation Tasks
  • Using the IT Administration Website
  • Appendices