You may need to confirm the details around last sync for a group of individuals or WorkPace versions.  To do this for more than one individual you can do this via the below process:

  1. Select My Staff along the top menu
  2. Under WorkPace Data and Assessment Completion select WorkPace Data Detail 
  3. You can choose to view specific categories, such as Data Up to Date User List, Data Out of Date User List, No Data User List or All Users' WorkPace Data Status and you can use your options panel to refine your search further.
  4. By selecting All Users WorkPace Data Status you will get a report that provides the end user details, last data received (sync information from WorkPace) the status of the data and the WorkPace Version recorded for the last sync.
  5. You can either view the report on screen (there maybe multiple pages) or you may wish to export this data to either Excel (xls) or Windows (doc) via the export option on your top menu.  Excel is particularly useful if you want to cut and slice your data in multiple ways and provide more detailed analysis.