If your company actively uses WorkPace in the organisation they maybe entitled to Home User Licence.  This allows their employees access to a Home User Licence key that can be used directly from our Wellnomics website - Wellnomics.com

You will need to talk to your organization and retrieve the registration name and key before completing the below process.

Steps to setting up your home user WorkPace

  1. Hover over Download from the top menu of our website - Wellnomics.com and 
  2. Select Wellnomics Stretch Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace)
  3. Choose either of the three options 
  4. Select the product version (this will depend on your selection from step 3
  5. Provide your windows version
  6. Add your email address
  7. Provide the country you reside in
  8. Select Next 
  9. Select "installing for individual or small site 
  10. Select Download Wellnomics WorkPace for ...
  11. Select Keep if you see a warning, this product is 100% safe to install
  12. When the download is completed, click the file on the bottom left of your browser to install
  13. During the installation process you will be taken through prompts one will require you to input the Registration Name and key.  The name and key has to be exact (cap, character and space sensitive)  We do recommend copy and paste the values that were provided by your company to help with this. 

You will now be able to have the break reminder software available to use at home.  Note any activity collected on this application will remain with you and not be visible or accessible by your company.