Release Notes - April 2022

Modified on Fri, 12 Aug 2022 at 11:59 AM

Wellnomics App


Version: - Release date April 2022


New Features

  • Dutch (Nederlands) is now available as a language option via the preferences (cog wheel on dashboard menu) under the General section.
  • Automatic detection applied if a fatal error has occurred, a pop up message will advise the end user to send logs to support, for Wellnomics to investigate and advise the app doing a force restart. - (WC-1345)
  • Upgraded Dashboard Icon with informative pop up message, if using Wellbeing SaaS - (WC-1205) 
  • Some feature options can now be controlled by the WRM SaaS (WRM 4.9 or greater) - (WC-1223)


Fixed Issues

  • Default Break setting for first install change from Custom to the lowest setting - (WC-1270)
  • Synchronizing to server API with Protocol 5 (WRM 4.7) or higher to allow for backward compatibility - (WC-1294)
  • Screen breaks effect will reflect preferences set when break is triggered - (WC-1266)
  • Rapid disconnect and reconnect of Smartlink USB would cause app to crash - (WC-1277)
  • Swapping between Sit-stand and Fixed height caused the settings to be cleared (WC-1326)
  • If mouse movement is detected while a desk height is being changed the desk would not stop moving (WC-1378)


  • Data cache to improve performance - (WC-1224)
  • Update to OpenSSL version 1.1.1m - (WC-1241)

Version: - Release date December 2021


New Features

  • Change in default break settings, yet retaining the custom selection option - (WC-1205)
  • Adding setting summaries to the break options to provide meaningful descriptions - (WC-988)
  • Display messages for Wellbeing score to assist the interaction of Wellbeing reports - (WC-1200)
  • Notify you if your Wellbeing score has changed - (WC-1197)


Fixed Issues

  • When a windows device went into Hibernate/Sleep mode the recording function of the statistics was not always closing correctly.   When the device was taken out of hibernation/sleep mode the continuation of activity recording was not always activating correctly.  This has now been resolved. - (WC-1211)
  • Removed the logout button from the troubleshooting page - (WC-1144)
  • Failing to import existing historical data and fails to sync new data - (WC-1240)
  • High CPU usage when break exercises video failed to open - (WC-1259)
  • Sit-stand activates without a Sit-stand license - (WC-1260)


  • Error message description updates to provide more clarity - (WC-1213)
  • Enable/Disable launching the application after installation (prior versions was set to enable only) - (WC-1145)
  • Video playback has been upgraded to use QT Multimedia - (WC-920)
  • Improved re-authentication process - (WC-1162)

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