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Occasionally there are errors or issues when uninstalling WorkPace Classic. In the event the WorkPace uninstaller fails we have a quick and simple tool that you can run to remove WorkPace from your computer. This tool is currently only available for Windows. It requires Admin privileges to run. 

How Does it work? 

The WorkPace Removal Tool works in a few quick steps.

  1. Identifies and stops WorkPace processes
  2. Attempts to run the uninstaller
  3. Searches for and removes WorkPace registry entries
  4. Searches for and removes all WorkPace files
  5. Removes WorkPace Start menu entries

Where do I get it? 

You can download the tool from our site here

How do I use it? 

Simply unzip the folder and run the WPCRemovalTool.exe. There is also a Read Me text file which will explain how the application works in detail. 


The Application has two optional parameters that can be used when running or deploying the script:

-Silent: Runs the script in silent mode, which suppresses all console output.

-Hidden: Runs the script in hidden mode, which hides all console windows.

To use a parameter, include it when running the script. For example, to run the script in silent mode, type WPCRemovalTool.exe -Silent and press Enter

Additional Notes

*This will delete the users $usrname.raw file located at "C:\USERS\$Username\appdata\roaming\Wellnomics\Workpace". If you wish to keep the recorded data you should copy this file to a safe directory outside of the WorkPace folder, before running the removal tool. 

Compatible WorkPace versions:

5.1.0 to 5.5.9

Anything prior to 5.1.0, it is not recommended to use this tool.


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