How to suspend on-screen reminders (do not disturb)

Modified on Thu, 23 Nov 2023 at 11:04 AM

When you are in a meeting or doing a presentation, you may want Micro-breaks and Wellbeing breaks to be paused to prevent them interrupting.

When you activate Suspend on screen reminders, your activity and breaks are still being measured.

You have three different ways to put your App into do not disturb mode:

  1. From your status panel

    1. Alt click on your status panel or select the ellipse (3 dots on right side) 
    2. Select Suspend on-screen reminders.
    3. Choose the time variation that suits Once activated your status panel will show the suspend on-screen reminders icon and your break timers will grey out but still continue to count down when keyboard or mouse activity is detected.
    4. You may want to activate the reminders before the time you have chosen in step 3 has been reached.  To reactivate the reminders prior to this time select the icon (1) diagram above or the ellipse (2) and select resume on-screen reminders.
  2. From your Settings

    1. Open Settings
    2. Select the icon on the right-hand side (see diagram below).
    3. Choose the time you wish to suspend the reminders for.   When suspend on-screen reminders is active, the icon on your settings will be all red. To resume reminders via prior to your selected time click the icon (1) diagram below.
  3. Via your hidden icons on your system tray

    1. Select show hidden icons (from your system tray)
    2. Alt click on the Wellnomics App icon
    3. Select Suspend on-screen reminders.
    4. Choose the time/duration for the do not disturb to be activated.

You may want to turn your break reminders off for a longer period.  Instead of using Suspend on-screen reminders, you can edit your enforcement level in your Breaks and exercises to "no alerts" - Breaks within Wellnomics App - How to change your breaks?. Your app still detects your natural breaks (when you are not using your mouse or keyboard) and provide you a Wellbeing report with recommendations and achievements based on your natural behavior. What reports are available?

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