The new Wellnomics App - the differences from WorkPace Classic

Modified on Thu, 06 Oct 2022 at 10:46 AM

The new Wellnomics App is an important upgrade for Wellnomics WorkPace. The new version is just called the “Wellnomics App” (the word WorkPace has been dropped) and we are referring to the older version of WorkPace now as “WorkPace Classic”

The new version is developed using the latest technologies and tools and provides an excellent path forward for the future. It has new modern looking design and a simpler user interface.  Currently the App is provided as a Windows only application although the Mac version is in development and is expected to be available early 2023.

The Wellnomics App has only a few languages/translations available: English, Dutch, Spanish, Thai and Chinese (simplified).  This feature is growing based on customer demand.  Please let us know if there's a language you would like to see included

This document summarizes the key differences with the new Wellnomics App compared to the historical WorkPace Classic version.


  • What’s changed - replaced?
    • Fresh new User Interface
    • Simplified settings
    • Faster better sync
    • Send log files easily
    • Do not disturb
    • Break screen effects
  • What’s changed - added?
    • Sit-stand feature
    • Support for 4k screens & accessibility
  • What’s changed - removed?
    • Features we’ve taken out
    • Features we’ve moved
      • Viewing of statistics & charts
      • Settings

What’s changed - Replaced

Fresh new User Interface

The new version has a modern, fresh and simple user interface. 

Status Panel:

The Wellnomics App has simple icons and the status panel can be customized by each user via display and preference options by alt click on the panel. - Status Panel - Preferences

Micro-break view

Simplified Settings

Breaks are simplified and only shows a summary view.  Currently some Wellnomics App features (such as break frequency, durations and enforcement levels) can be controlled within the server and requires WRM server version 4.9 and onwards.

Faster better sync

The new Wellnomics App uses the latest communication technologies based upon JSON and a RESTful API.  It’s super responsive and far more efficient - over 100x faster than the old WorkPace sync.  Syncs take seconds now, any time of the day or night.

Send log files easily

Improved usability is a big focus of the new version.  Trying to help a user troubleshoot an issue?  Selecting Send logs to support will automatically pick up the user logs and attach to an email.  The email will default to the Wellnomics support email address: however the end user can edit this value and send logs to a different location.

Do not disturb

The icon has changed on the dashboard although can be applied by alt click on the status panel or alt click on the Wellnomics icon in your hidden icons from the system tray 

WorkPace Classic

Wellnomics App

Break screen effects

Users often said they disliked how WorkPace Classic would lock their screen.  Although it was annoying, the feature made sure people took the breaks.  With the Wellnomics App we’ve found a better way - the app will blur or fade your screen - making it feel more natural to pause for 10 secs (and learn some tips)

The settings can be updated within the dashboard > preferences Change the background when break exercises are playing

What’s changed - Added

Sit-stand feature

A new optional Sit-Stand feature Wellnomics helps you get the maximum health benefits of sit-stand.  This feature can be used for manual Sit-Stand and electronic desks and encourages uses to change their position on a regular basis which is proven very positive for health and wellbeing.

  • Reminders on when you need to change position during the day
  • Statistics on how much you’re sitting and standing each day and week
  • See if you’re sit-standing in the optimum range for greatest health benefits.

Support for 4k screens & accessibility

The Wellnomics App now takes advantage of your high-res screen - meaning the user interface always looks its best on any device.  No more UI scaling and blurring.  Most importantly, the Wellnomics App is fully compliant with Microsoft Accessibility guidelines, including:  

  • High contrast mode
  • Voice control support
  • Screen reader support
  • Large fonts support

WorkPace Classic didn't support these. 

What’s changed - Removed

Features we’ve taken out

We’ve taken out some features that weren’t used by most customers or no longer fit with ergonomics best practice.  These include:

  • Typing Speed Limit:  Not used by most users and there are better ways of supporting with high speed typing.

  • Desk Mode:  Not used by most users and in today’s world if you’re at your desk you’re almost guaranteed to be on the computer.

  • Schedule: No used by most users and if you want reminders for lunch and morning coffee you have plenty of much better tools available

  • Detailed Preferences:  You can’t adjust your sounds by break, etc.  However, almost all users just used the default settings - very people needed to fine tune things like this.

  • Work Intensity indicator: WorkPace Classic provided two live indicators of how you’re currently going - the Work Intensity indicator and the Break Compliance indicator.  We’re going to be reducing this to just one long term - the Break Compliance indicator.  This is simpler, and the concept of work intensity is no longer considered as relevant from an ergonomics perspective.  The most important factor for your wellbeing is how much you take breaks - how fast you type or mouse is far less important.    

  • Locking of device:  WorkPace Classic locked the computer during breaks.  The Wellnomics App is designed to deter use of keyboard and mouse it does not lock the computer.

Features we’ve moved

Viewing of statistics & charts

The charts and statistics you could see in WorkPace Classic are no longer viewable on the desktop.  Instead, this data can be viewed on the server although not to the same detail.  The main reason why statistics on usage are only viewable on the server is that many people use multiple devices and its only on the server that this data is combined to provide a complete view of total usage.  Use your work computer for 5 hours, then do another 3 hours work on the laptop you use at home - this data will be combined on the server to show your total computer use of 8 hours for that day.  With the planned mobile support in Wellnomics in the future (exposure tracking and reminders for iOS & Android) this becomes even more important.  This means the server is where the accurate combined picture is available.  User’s can view this data by selecting on the View Dashboard button.   

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