To view your dashboard:

If your status panel is visible select the following icon - 

If your status panel is not visible follow the below steps:

  • right click on the hidden icon "arrow head" in your system tray (bottom right corner, near your date and time display)
  • select the Wellnomics icon

Your Wellnomics dashboard provides access to a number of features:

  1. Wellbeing reports - data collated during your computer use while Wellnomics Application has been running
  2. Exercises - if activated what type of exercises will be seen during your Wellnomics Break
  3. Sit Stand - your configuration based on height and frequency if activated.
  4. Breaks - how often and for how long breaks will be triggered and the enforcement level of these reminders
  5. Disable or enable your do not disturb option
  6. Help - access to FAQ's or request support 
  7. Preferences - Tips displayed, status panel show/hide, display of exercise breaks, activate sound, screen break effects.