Using a sit-stand workstation?  With the new optional sit-stand feature the Wellnomics App helps you get the maximum health benefit from your sit-stand desk.

  • Reminders on when you need to change position during the day
  • Statistics on how much you're sitting and standing each day and week
  • Watch how many extra calories you're burning.
  • See if you're sit-standing in the optimum range for greatest health benefits

To activate your Sit-stand

  1. select Sit-stand from the top menu of your Wellnomics App Dashboard
  2. click the Enabled button
  3. Choose the frequency of your position change
  4. Set your Workstation height
  5. You can choose to set up Keyboard shortcut
  6. If you have cables for connection - although not required it will allow your desk to be controlled via the app as opposed to a manual desk operation.

Note your organisation may have chosen not to have this feature activated.  If this has occurred,  you won't see the option on your dashboard menu,