When you are in a meeting or doing a presentation you may want Micro-breaks or Wellnomics breaks to be paused to prevent them interrupting.

When you activate Do Not Disturb mode, your activity and breaks are still being measured.

When in Do Not Disturb Mode your 

When you are in Do Not Disturb mode

You can put your App into do no disturb mode.  You can do this in three ways:

  1. From your status panel

    1. Alt click on your status panel
    2. Select Do Not Disturb
    3. Choose the time variation that suits 
  2. From your dashboard

    1. Open Dashboard
    2. Select the icon on the right hand side (see diagram below) - this is a toggle option and works to Disable and Enable
  3. Via your hidden icons on your system tray

    1. Select show hidden icons (from your system tray)
    2. Right click on the Wellnomics App icon
    3. Select Do Not Disturb
    4. Choose the time/duration for the do not disturb to be activated