Via your dashboard you can view the data your Wellnomics App has been collecting to form your Wellbeing score.

Click here to see how to activate your dashboard.

Once your Wellnomics App has collected sufficient data (approx. 7 days) the following reports and data will be available via your Dashboard.

Your Dashboard View:

Your Dashboard is broken up into various tiles:

What you can seeWhat you can do

Your Wellbeing Tile
Your Wellbeing score is composed of the values derived from:
  • Computer use
  • breaks
  • Sit-stand (if used)
  • Wearables data (if used)
The values for these are listed under the Wellbeing indicator.

The score is based on data gathered up to 4 weeks of usage which is calculated based on an algorithm to define a weekly average

The arrow if present beside the individual values depicts a change in the previous week either an improvement (upward arrow) or decline (downward arrow) in your wellbeing for that category.  No arrow indicates no change

Click on the coloured wellbeing value for one of the categories e.g.,  Computer Use - Very High to see the breakdown of the various variables that make up this value.  You can drill down further again by selecting the rating.  If there is enough data you will see trend charts over time e.g., quarter, year etc. 

Your Achievements and Recommendations tile:

Hover over any Achievement or Recommendations to see more detailed information.

The number next to the Achievement or Recommendation indicates how many weeks it has been present for.

Click on the icon or the  icon to expand the tile to see all Achievements or Recommendations present.


Hover over any Achievement or Recommendation to see more information


Click on any Achievement or Recommendation to see more information, a trend chart for that particular factor and more detailed

The top Apps Used Tile

The top apps used shows your most commonly used applications listed in order of their average weekly use over the last 4 weeks.


There are currently no charts or further drill downs available for this tile.