What are the different roles in your Wellnomics SaaS site

Modified on Tue, 22 Nov 2022 at 04:51 PM

Within your SaaS site there are five roles, with the Wellnomics Administrator having the most rights working down to the individual user with the exception of the HR importer:

  1. Wellnomics Administrator (access to all data and controls)
  2. Local Administrator (a role assigned by a Wellnomics Administrator and privacy and data access is set per individual) How to create/edit Local Administrator (LA) role
  3. Supervisor/Manager (created via an HR import when SupUID is populated and can view their direct reports and their indirect reports if applicable)
  4. Individual user (created via an HR import or sign-up)
  5. HR importer (ability to import employee data into the database).  This role can only be assigned by Wellnomics staff.  Please contact us at supportwellnomics.com 

Depending on both the role(s) you are assigned and access level within the role (configuration) will determine what menu items you have access too, who you can view and the level of data.

Access is granted based on two categories:

  1. Privacy Access - Group or Individual
  2. Data Access - Overall Risk, Risk Category, Risk Factors or Statistics

Note:  As the supervisor/manager role is assigned via the HR import the access controls are set within the user portal and can be edited by the Wellnomics Administrator:

Admin > Policy Configuration > Data Access Level


  • An individual with no additional role assigned can see their data only via My Risk page
  • An individual with employees reporting to them via the HR Import will see My Risk page and a My Staff page.  The data available on the My Staff page and Overall Risk menu is dependent on the access rights configured as per the above note, with two exceptions to this rule:
    1. Is the manager a Local Administrator (if yes, the access levels set on the Admin > Manage roles step will determine the individual access to their staff and any group assigned to them)
    2. Is the manager a Wellnomics Administrator (if yes the individual will have the highest access rights to all individuals including their direct reports and indirect reports if any.

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