Enable SSO - Azure SAML

Modified on Thu, 28 Apr, 2022 at 11:29 AM

Below is a quick guide showing you how to set up an Azure Enterprise application to enable SAML based SSO for your Wellnomics WRM site. 

Before you can get started please contact support@wellnomics.com as some information provided by support will be required for you to set up the app. 

Step 1: Create the Enterprise Application

  1. In the Azure portal search for and select 'Enterprise Applications'
  2. Select 'Create your own application'
  3. Give it a familiar name and select the (non-gallery) option

Step 2: Configure

  1. Open your newly created Enterprise App and select 'Single Sign-On' under 'Manage'
  2. Select SAML
  3. Edit the 'Basic SAML Configuration' Section and enter the details Wellnomics support provided earlier

Step 3: Add your users/ groups

  1. Select 'Users and groups' under 'Manage'
  2. Add the required users and groups you wish to have access to the Wellnomics site *These users must also be loaded into our database via HR Import* 

Step 4: Send it to Support

Now send the following details to Wellnomics support so we can configure the settings on our end:

  • Certificate download and send this to Support@wellnomics.com - Found in manage > Single Sign-On > Step 3 >Federation Metadata XML
  • SAML Endpoint/Login URL. Found in manage > Single Sign-On > Step 4

Once you've set up and provided Wellnomics Support with the required details we will configure everything on our end and we can test the configuration. 

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